Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes…

Does your CEO know what an MQL is? What about an SQL and SAL? B2B marketing and sales professionals use this language on a day-to-day basis, so they can be forgiven for forgetting that other parts of the organisation may find it difficult to understand them as they reel off acronyms and abbreviations. The problem is that these ‘proprietary’ terms are key to understanding B2B marketing reports. So how do you communicate B2B marketing metric results without these concept-defining terms?

We in marketing live in a great new industry with unique and proprietary ‘language’.  MQL, SQL, SAL, marketing automation, nurturing, conversion…the list of our proprietary language goes on and on  – and this language is mostly understood within Marketing and Sales.  How do you translate this language into language that the board and CEO understand?  In this session, you’ll learn more about the effective and ineffective translated language, the landmines to avoid in the process journey, and the benefits when thinking through how to communicate your metric results to others outside of your organization.

Jon Russo’s presentation at DemandCon on May 19th will demonstrate the do’s and don’t for translating this proprietary language, and how to manage this consistently throughout a B2B marketing campaign. As the Principal at B2B Fusion, Jon delivers expertise on Software as a Service (SaaS) and recurring revenue service models targeting B2B segments. So he knows how to talk the talk. And communication is key to creating a successful Funnel Plan.

In our B2B Marketing Training Workshop on day 3 of DemandCon, Chuck Besondy and I will lead you through the process of building an end-to-end sales and marketing plan that helps you select tactics for every stage in the buyer’s journey, and to task each tactic with a clear and measurable role.

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