Want to 5 x your growth in 5 days? I just analysed 1700 sales and marketing plans in our Funnel Plan database, and found a gem I think you’re going to want to know about.


Grow 5 times more with this simple action

We’ve got around 1700 active sales and marketing plans in our 2 databases. I analyse these plans almost every day and find so much gold! And every week, I share the best nugget that I’ve found in that week. Here’s something you’re going to want to know about:

  • In a simple split of the database, in half, the top half of the plans are growing 5 times faster in comparison to the slowest growing companies;
  • The owners of the faster growth plans are logging into their Funnel Plan, on average, every 5 days; and
  • 40% more often than the owners of the slower plans.

Now, that’s diligent planning for you!

Who should be doing the planning?

I can give you the war stories which suggest that no function in the business is perfect. It doesn’t matter so much who the owner of the plan is. It does matter that you do it together. ALL functions planning together will get you some real uplifts:

Collaborate together in your sales and marketing plans and you will benefit greatly

Add collaborators to your Funnel Plan and reap the benefits

  • 31% improvement in the percent of marketing leads that get accepted by sales – a significant efficiency gain;
  • 56% lift in the success rate of sales closing marketing-generated leads; and
  • 62% lift in the proportion of revenue coming from new business.

To achieve these results, there’s a small uptick in the cost of training (50% uplift in training days for marketing). This seems a small price to pay for such improvements in the effectiveness of your sales and marketing engine.


  1. Log in and update your Funnel Plan at least once per week – more often if you can;
  2. Bring your whole team, from all your key functions, to your Funnel Plan. It doesn’t cost a cent to add collaborators, and you gain great benefits from doing so – as shown above;
  3. If you don’t have a Funnel Plan, act now and gain the benefits of our free version. Get yourself a free trial here.

Our thanks to

  • Claudia Ivanka for production
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment Report 2014, at  http://bit.ly/2eAvEoz 
  • Funnel Plan
  • Hugh Macfarlane for scripting and presenting this week’s show