What are the best B2B marketing tools to use? I’ll show you from the research we found, and the tools we use ourselves.

I’ll share several lists I reviewed for B2B marketing including HubSpot and Mashable. At the end, I’ll show you 42 B2B marketing tools we use ourselves and why.

The B2B marketing tools we’ll show you will be for:

  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Web
  • Landing pages
  • Optimisation
  • Interactivity
  • Social posting
  • SEO
  • Advertising
  • List generation
  • Production (making things look pretty)
  • Emails (with or without automation)
  • CRM.

Our five articles:


Our first article from Marketo is disappointing and not for you dear viewer. The page only serves SEO purposes. The title: B2B marketing tools – is small, the text is poor, and there’s no tools in here. It’s pretty useless so let’s move on.

Marketing Profs

Article 2 by Marketing Profs – a cracking page. Involves great discussion around tactics, strategies, priorities, and a list of tools that support the tactics – which in turn support the priorities. Great article.

Venture Harbour

Best B2B lead generation strategies: all about strategies, but that doesn’t mean tactics – they’re not the same. They’re writing about strategies and not tools, which is no surprise, but I am discussing tools. Good list, but didn’t give me an awful lot.


Article 4 by Mashable: only about social but discusses tools I haven’t heard of so that’s good, I have learnt something! Good list and useful.


The final article I have to share is by Hubspot. It’s narrow – “usability testing and research”. It’s still a great list and again I didn’t know all the tools.

I love the last two. Usability testing for your website/application. This one the user is drunk and reviews it in an impaired state. The argument is if I can’t navigate when drunk then that’s a problem. They’ve got a spin up, something similar – same guy but user is his mum: if mum can’t navigate then it’s probably poorly designed. It’s good fun and for not too much money you can have either a drunk or old person look at your website.

Unfortunately there’s no time to play around with all those tools, so I’ll show you the tools we use for our clients and ourselves. Generally for our smaller clients, we actually do the B2B marketing for them, for our larger clients however, we simply do the training and planning.

The B2B marketing tools we use include:

  • Planning
    • Funnel Plan
  • Project Management
    • Asana
  • Web
    • WordPress
    • Insite
  • Landing pages
    • Unbounce
    • OptinMonster
  • Optimisation
    • Google Analytics
    • Website grader
    • Optimizely
  • Interactivity
    • Survey Monkey
    • Typeform
    • Survicate
    • Intercom.io
  • Social posting
    • BuzzSumo
    • Feedly
    • Buffer
    • Missinglettr
    • Sniply
  • SEO
    • SEMrush
    • Screaming Frog
    • Google Search Console
    • HitTail
  • Advertising
    • Google AdWords
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook & Twitter
  • Lists
    • BriteVerify
    • FullContact Card Reader
    • LeadIQ
  • Production / making things pretty
    • Canava
    • Photoshop
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Grammarly
    • Camtasia
    • Premiere
  • Emails (with or without automation)
    • MailChimp & Mandrill
    • Vision 6
    • Zoho Campaigns
    • StrategyMix
    • Marketo
  • CRM
    • Salesforce.com
    • Zoho

Before using those tools, work out your strategy, set objectives, work out what velocity you need, and choose your tactics – for this you’ll need Funnel Plan. There are paid versions but the free version is more than fine to use. Go to funnelplan.com.