8 tips for writing the best cold sales email [video]

In a perfect world, sales would only be following up leads that marketing had generated. In an even more perfect world, it would only be Inside Sales, not Sales, making that first human approach. But if, in the real world you need to make cold sales emails, how do you do it? The first thing […]

How to generate leads through LinkedIn [video]

LinkedIn’s core proposition remains: get found and get recruited. Keep your CV up to date on LinkedIn. Make it look pretty. Recruiters find you. Job offers come. That’s essentially their proposition. If that’s the case, LinkedIn surely is the most up to date database on the planet for accurate contact information about prospects. How do […]

Go to market strategy examples [video]

The best way to build a go to market strategy is to copy someone else. Unless you want to make money, or grow consistently, and then it’s not such a great idea. Let me show you why with three go to market strategy examples. The right strategy doesn’t depend on your product, but your buyers. […]

How often should you blog for B2B [video]

How often should you blog for B2B? Here’s my answer: As often as you can say something valuable Certainly no less often than monthly Email once a week, even if you blog less often   First, you need a foundation – a monthly blog. If you haven’t published a blog every month for the last couple […]