How to generate leads in B2B [video]

Ever wondered how to generate more leads for B2B? Of course you have. We all do. I’m not going to give you that one killer tactic that you’ve never heard of, because you’ve heard of them all. What I will give you is the best way to build ALL the leads you’ll ever need. And […]

B2B marketing campaigns – great examples and a 7-step plan [video]

B2B campaigns built around a single tactic that either flies or flops make 1 hero for every 99 zeroes. A B2B marketing campaign should be complete, that is end-to-end, and it should be optimised over time. I’ll show you 5 great articles that between them reveal about 20 B2B marketing campaigns. Then I’ll outline 7 […]

What’s the cost of content marketing? [video]

What’s the cost of content marketing? I’ll assume that you’ve bought into the need for content marketing, and you just want to know what it should cost. Conclusions Content marketing is just a part of your total marketing, and your marketing spend should be somewhere between 2 -5% of your gross revenue. You should allow […]