The magic of recurring revenue [video]

How would you like to increase your revenue every year without increasing your sales quotas? Steady – I’m not selling some networking marketing method, or even a product. I just want to show you something obvious that you can do in your own business without paying anybody, or signing up for some crazy system. This […]

How often should you update your sales and marketing plan? [video]

How often should you review your sales and marketing plan? Whenever it changes, right? I want to give you 39 reasons why that’s 100% the wrong answer. Collaborators working on high-growth plans modify their plans 39% more often than those with slower growth plans.  Today, I will show you this data, with some quick analysis, […]

More sales people needed for growth than you think [video]

You probably know that sales people are needed to support your growth – but we found that high growth businesses are approximately 50% under allocated (50% fewer sales people than needed in their plans). They’re kidding themselves! When you get this wrong, it can really hurt. Let me show you how to calculate the number […]

Why you don’t need more segments [video]

How finely should you segment? Asked in another way, how many segments should you have for your plan? We’re always told of the value of segmenting, and that we should compartmentalize our activities.  Yet, the data doesn’t actually support this theory. Let me show you why.  After looking at a couple of thousand plans in […]