Generate B2B leads in 6 steps [video]

How do you generate B2B leads? I looked at 2,000 plans that we have in the database for Go-To-Market. I looked at 500 Go-To-Market projects that were done over the last nearly 20 years, and every single one of them is really different, and yet the pattern is super-clear. There are just 6 steps. Let me […]

Mature markets – fight your way into the corner [video]

You are in a mature market and everyone’s margins have eroded but yours are worse. Your margins have eroded even more than your competitors. So what do you do? Your back is up against the rope! Do you fight your way out of the corner? The answer is no. Rather, find a new corner to […]

Always Be Opening: Rethinking Sales and the Buyer’s Journey

At first glance, the idea of ABC or ‘Always Be Closing’ seems logical. Isn’t closing sales the primary function of all Sales teams? And if this is true, then wouldn’t your primary measure of Sales performance be the number of deals won? As logical as it might seem, deal closure, as it turns out, is […]

B2B marketing tactics [video]

What are the best B2B marketing tactics? To answer that question, I’ve looked at 5 really excellent articles and the data from over 1,000 B2B marketing plans. The essence of this is not particularly surprising, but what we don’t want to prioritize might surprise you. Four things you really need to have in place are: […]

Master Sales and Marketing Alignment to Drive Predictable Revenue

Find out how the most successful businesses guarantee predictable revenue in our free webinar in partnership with Citrix. Get started with Funnel Plan – the free tool allowing B2B professionals visualise their aligned sales and marketing plan, from objectives right thought to granular tactics.     If you require a little more advice on the right steps for […]

B2B marketing campaigns – great examples and a 7-step plan [video]

B2B campaigns built around a single tactic that either flies or flops make 1 hero for every 99 zeroes. A B2B marketing campaign should be complete, that is end-to-end, and it should be optimised over time. I’ll show you 5 great articles that between them reveal about 20 B2B marketing campaigns. Then I’ll outline 7 […]

What’s the cost of content marketing? [video]

What’s the cost of content marketing? I’ll assume that you’ve bought into the need for content marketing, and you just want to know what it should cost. Conclusions Content marketing is just a part of your total marketing, and your marketing spend should be somewhere between 2 -5% of your gross revenue. You should allow […]