Buyer’s journey: A framework for strategy

The buyer’s journey started as a framework for choosing tactics and we still use it for that purpose. It turns out though, it’s got a really big strategic impact as well. Let me share that with you. Buyer’s journey Let’s start with the buyer’s journey. The transition between gap and need turns out to be […]

Buyer’s journey: A framework for tactics [video]

It doesn’t matter what you do to the buyer, what matters is where they get to, as a result of what you do. The buyer’s journey is a simple concept to help us to shape tactics that progress buyers, and that’s what I want to share with you. When I coined the phrase ‘buyer’s journey’ […]

Can you have too many sales people?

How many salespeople do you need and how do you work that out? I looked at all of the funnel plans that we have in the database and I found that on average the companies in our database are growing at just short of 50%. However, the size of their sales force is growing at […]

B2B marketing and the Black Swan [video]

I’ve just been reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book, The Black Swan. It is a fantastic book with some really important lessons for marketers. Essentially, a Black Swan is a rare, unpredictable and big impact event. Despite this, we try to retrospectively fit justification to explain why it occurred. If your forecasts are less than 100% […]