Content Marketing Plan Template [video]

You understand the importance of content marketing. We are creating more content and we are consuming it more carefully, so good content really matters. I scoured some great sites, looking for the best tips on content marketing and in particular, a content marketing plan template. I’ll take you through these articles and then share with […]

Three B2B selling tips to be great at sales without the being a ‘pushy salesperson’

“I’m not a salesperson!” – The catchcry of many business owners, especially those who come from technical or product-based backgrounds. Everyone knows that in order to generate more revenue, you need to increase sales – especially as the owner. However, labelling yourself a ‘salesperson’ can seem distasteful and often leaves people feeling uncomfortable. So, how do we reconcile […]

Template for risk sharing [video]

Do you ever get involved in risk sharing conversations, either as the buyer or the seller, but don’t quite know how to construct a reasonable risk sharing model? I’m going to provide you with a template for risk sharing, and I’ll explain why it needs to be deconstructed from price and value. How to build […]

Sample go to market strategy for B2B

We want B2B marketing to be a respected management science around the world and we want to play a role in helping it get there. As a part of that, I went looking for samples of go-to-market strategies, but in the top 5 results I didn’t find a single go-to-market strategy sample. What I found was […]

B2B Marketing Plan Template [video]

What do you need in a B2B marketing plan template? Well, if a template is sort of part process guide, and part communication, then the process would want to be good, and the communication would want it to be clear. I did a bit of research including Marketo and Brainrider, and came up with a […]