The 42 B2B marketing tools we use, and many we should consider [video]

What are the best B2B marketing tools to use? I’ll show you from the research we found, and the tools we use ourselves. I’ll share several lists I reviewed for B2B marketing including HubSpot and Mashable. At the end, I’ll show you 42 B2B marketing tools we use ourselves and why. The B2B marketing tools we’ll show […]

44 B2B email marketing examples and 6 repeatable steps [video]

Good B2B email marketing examples are few and far in between. That’s a real pity because 90% of B2B marketers use email marketing, 30% of them cite email marketing as their biggest revenue earner, and adding new subscribers to their email marketing as their highest priority. No wonder another study showed that it’s a 40 […]

How to utilise your Digital Marketing, and gain that competitive edge

A study by Deloitte’s Access Group highlighted that only 16% of Australian SME’s had fully grasped the power of digital marketing techniques. These forward-thinking business leaders were enjoying significant competitive advantage and revenue growth – upwards of 20% more annually than their less digitally enabled competitors. So if you are in the 16% of those […]

B2B buying behaviour – 4 changes, 4 needs and 4 new strategies [video]

B2B buying behaviour is changing. How is it changing? What do buyers need? What should our strategies be to take advantage of that? There are four big changes that need to be made. The four big changes are: The commoditisation of industries; The rise of procurement kind of related; The changing nature of the active […]

How to build a Sales Funnel Spreadsheet [video]

Ever wondered how to build a sales funnel spreadsheet? This blog entails a few  simple tips about how to build one, and some clever insights into your funnel. In a nut shell, don’t use a spreadsheet. If you really must however, be sure to follow five important steps. Set up columns to track basic opportunity data […]

B2B CRM Strategies [video]

Looking to build B2B CRM strategies? A lot of the fundamentals are really important. The devil is in the details but neither the fundamentals, nor the details are hard to get right. I asked Dr. Google what advice he’d give someone looking for B2B CRM strategies and the essence was five points. Work out what […]