Marketing Planning Systems – a review [video]

I’ve done some research into marketing planning systems. Let me show you what I found. Our research suggests that marketing planning systems should: Set clear goals Describe a situation Choose a clean and unique proposition Set a differentiated strategy Choose promotional tactics Set action plan Detail the resources and financials Allow you to consider using […]

Why did we change the company name to

On the 30th of April, we changed our company name. MathMarketing is now known as Why? We wanted the name to better reflect the essence of what we do, and what we most want to be known for. Secondly, we wanted a shorter, more interesting name. Let me dig into that a little bit. […]

How to start bringing in the big fish – proven tips to move from fishing for prospects to actually catching new business.

At Christmas each year, the boys and I make our regular trip down the coast to spend a few blissful weeks soaking up the sun and surf.  We take the fishing rods and spend many hours with a line in the water, hoping to bring home dinner. But this year my son Jack cracked it!  “Dad, […]

Best marketing plan – 9 lessons from 400 plans [video]

What’s in the best marketing plan? How do you pull the best marketing plan together? I went Googling to find that answer and here’s what 5 articles told me. Ask tough questions. Describe your situation. List goals for one year. Identify why people will buy. Your target. Your competition. Your tactics and your brand positioning […]

B2B marketing training – what to look for and what to pay [video]

A lot of training lacks context, more specifically it lacks a framework to pull it all together. It’s just bits, but that’s where the demand is. Whether it’s B2B, or B2C, people seem to want very practical and tactical training. Here’s what I would look for if I was looking for B2B marketing training, and […]