Product marketing strategy – 6 questions and 2 bold actions [video]

What’s needed for great product marketing strategy? I’ll answer that in eight basic steps. To form your product market strategy, ask six questions: What problem are you trying to solve (most)? Who most has this problem? What will you offer to solve this problem – for that market – better than anyone else? How mature […]

Sales funnel management – which of these mistakes hurt the most? [video]

Which of these 10 mistakes in sales funnel management could hurt you the most? What can you do about them and how can you improve?

Marketing plan sample and a clever free tool [video]

No marketer worth his or her salt would ever copy a marketing plan from one company and hope that it worked for their own. Equally we’d be fools to not look at a marketing plan sample or three before beginning. My recommendations:      Assemble a library of marketing plan samples that you like for […]