Telemarketing scripts [video]

Telemarketing scripts are aimed to help the uncomfortable get comfortable, and the poor get good. They rarely do either. Today I’m going to show you a number of telemarketing scripts, summarise them, and make one big change to that summarised set to help you get more effective at telemarketing for complex B2B selling. *VIDEO* Telemarketing […]

Aligning Marketing and Sales [video]

Hi. Aligning marketing and sales is hardly a new topic, but we still get asked about it all the time and I’ve been asked to talk about it again today. I’m going to refer to what some other experts on marketing and sales alignment have said is the best way to go about aligning marketing […]

Brand identity template for B2B [video]

Brand matters. It matters to you and it matters to your customers, what you stand for, and how you stand for those things really does matter, but how do you create a brand that really stands out? That’s why in today’s show, I’ll give you a great brand identity template for B2B. This week we’re […]