How to do a webinar in 8 steps [video]

Webinars remain a super-popular tool for marketers to use, but very few low-budget, or I should say low-resource, marketers are using them well or often. I want to give you a practical guide on how to do a webinar. There’s loads of content on why webinars are a good idea. I want to get very […]

Five steps to get your partner marketing plan to stick [video]

Your ability to get traction with a partner marketing plan has almost nothing to do with the length of a document and a lot to do with how many people and who built it. We’ve been working quite closely with a large vendor on building partner marketing plans over the last couple of years. I […]

5 key skills of a marketing manager [video]

Today I want to talk about the five key skills of a marketing manager. Now, if you’re an individual contributor, that is you’re just one person and you’re working for the marketing manager, I’m really making this video for your boss. Also, if it’s just one of you, again this is not really for you. […]

Cold calling email template [video]

I’ve previously argued the need to find your Valid Business Reason (VBR), is the reason why the prospect wants to meet with you, not the reason you want to meet with them. You must find that VBR before presuming to ask for a meeting. Today, I’ll go one step further and I’ll give you a […]