A channel partner strategy in 4 steps and 60 seconds [video]

Selling a great solution to a willing market through the wrong channel is almost always going to generate really disappointing results. Marketers, particularly consumer marketers often use the term channel to mean a tactic where there’s a channel. Radio is a channel, TV is a channel. Salespeople and most B2B marketers use the term channel […]

B2B marketing funnel is dead isn’t it? Facts vs. opinions. [video]

The B2B marketing funnel is dead. Don’t you get frustrated when a buyer comes to you with a pre-baked notion of what they need and it’s just plain wrong, or at least it’s wrong in your view? “The B2B marketing funnel’s dead, and here’s the proof.” That was the headline of an article I read […]

B2B advertising strategy in 7 steps [video]

You don’t need any more leads. Seriously, you don’t need any more leads. Well, at least you don’t need any of the wrong kind of leads. Your B2B advertising strategy needs to be set to generate more of the right kind of prospects. There’s simply no point spending any money on dealing with leads, generating […]