B2B marketing terminology and definitions – the best 50 [reference list]

When George Bernard Shaw said that England and America were “two countries divided by a common language”, he might as well have been talking about Marketing and Sales. In fact, he might have been talking just about different marketers themselves as a profession. Marketers are shocking for using the same phrase to mean very different […]

Long tail search for B2B [video]

Hello. We’re going to talk about long tail search today. Slight change of form if you’re used to watching my video blogs, they’re a little bit more produced than this is, and the next 3 are going to be somewhat in this format. Leanna, who normally produces my videos, is in New York, Talon who’s […]

How to generate leads through LinkedIn [video]

  LinkedIn’s core proposition remains get found and get recruited. Keep your CV up to date on LinkedIn. Make it look pretty. Recruiters find you. Job offers come. That’s essentially their proposition. If that’s the case, LinkedIn surely is the most up to date database on the planet for accurate contact information about prospects. How […]