How to make a perfect funnel model of your imperfect funnel

You work really hard for three years and does that leave you with 2% of the market or 20% of the market? How do you know? How much market do you need? We’ll explore how to make a perfect funnel model of your imperfect funnel in this week’s show. Here’s how the basic math works. […]

How to prepare and run the perfect prospect meeting

  Imagine you had prepared seven perfect questions for a prospect meeting. Really insightful, penetrating questions. With a breath, you asked your first and waited – using golden silence. Your prospect considered your question, and answered that the issue didn’t really impact them. Together you explored their answer – you because you want to dig […]

Trade shows are a wickedly expensive way to reach a new market

Spending the day at Salesforce World Tour in Melbourne provided ample evidence that events work wonderfully well for the organisers and often poorly for those who sponsor or take booths. For context, this event is largely pitched at existing users, not prospects, so it’s preaching to the choir somewhat. Let’s start with what was amazing […]

A basket full of nurtures – our favourite tactics for recycling

How do you get those recalcitrants – the nervous nellies and those past failures – into your funnel as quickly as possible? A part of the answer is you probably don’t want them there quickly. You want them there confidently. You want, for them to want, to really be in your funnel. In this week’s […]