Hurry up and wait! How to reduce sales cycle length

  In B2B marketing, we often fret over the length of the sales cycle – it’s always too long. If the economy gets nervous the funnel slows even further. So we’re asked something like “how do you make your funnel flow faster?”, “how do you reduce the sales cycle?” and “how do you make buyers […]

How to create a marketing plan

Marketing plans are an essential part of every marketing initiative. Whether you’re constructing a plan for a multimillion dollar company or a small start-up, a marketing plan is crucial in that it ensures your marketing objectives are aligned with your business goals and strategy, and helps keep you focused through assigning tasks and establishing timelines. […]

Basic sales calculator tells a misleading story

How many leads do we need? A basic sales calculator will help you work out how may proposals and leads you need to meet your sales target. And it will be wrong. Adding just a small degree of sophistication to your sales calculator will deliver you a very different conclusion, resulting in a very different […]