Cold email templates [video]

We were asked to look at cold email templates for B2B. We found 16, and unpacked what we think the essential common elements are of the recommendations. We’ve added one really critical missing ingredients. It’s important. We’ve added it in, and we’ve created our own template that you can base your own cold email template […]

B2B marketing forum [video]

  This week I went looking for a B2B marketing forum anywhere in the world. What I found was really disappointing, a little surprising and disappointing. There are not a lot of events that genuinely set out to be a B2B marketing forum. Those that do are largely dominated by consultants and sponsors. From what […]

CRM B2B [video]

CRM for B2B is different. A good B2B CRM is built for the sales people first. That’s despite all my strongly held beliefs about alignment. There is simply no point getting marketing and sales aligned around CRM if the sales people won’t use the CRM, so start with a good B2B CRM is going to […]

Lead generation email example [video]

  Email remains a killer lead generation tactic, despite everything that’s new. And so in this episode, I’ve assembled five great lead generation email examples and I offer seven steps to completely nailing email lead generation. Here are my seven steps to powerful B2B lead generation, born from those five great lead generation email examples […]

How to create a social media marketing plan for B2B [video]

  I was asked by a listener to discuss how to build a social media marketing plan for B2B, and frankly I’m not sure you should. Social media, like any other set of tactics, should be seen in context. Firstly, it needs to be sales and marketing plan. Secondly, your sales and marketing plan can’t […]

B2B advertising [video]

  Unlike in consumer marketing where advertising may will be your first choice, in B2B marketing, often advertising is the last tactic that you’ll choose, but that’s not to mean that it’s not a great tactic. It’s not to mean that we still don’t need to master it like we need to master every other […]

Sales and marketing blogs [video]

Indexes of thousands marketing blogs are great for SEO. Make really sticky content. Today we’re going to review five of those indexes and explain how, and why, the sites have created those indexes of thousands of marketing blogs. Let’s start with I’ve concluded and then I’ll explain why I’ve concluded that. Number one: find the […]