Buyer readiness stages; how to make your content work harder

  The probability of closing a marketing lead is 46% higher for companies that let their marketers change their CRM to use customised stages, and another 28% improvement if those renamed stages are buyer-readiness stages not seller-activity stages But only 24% of marketers make this change. Why? Do you like your sales process to much? Seriously, it’s […]

How to beat your competition by ignoring them

  B2B competition strategy is like just every other aspect of strategy – there is no ‘of course’ approach to strategy for addressing your competition. Anyone who tells you that you always need a competition strategy in B2B is spending too much time looking behind them, and not looking at where they are going. In […]

Your channel partner strategy plan begins with ‘who’

Your channel partner strategy plan needs to begin with “who”? But like so much of strategy, the “who” question isn’t “who should my channel be?”, but “who is my buyer?”, and therefore “what sort of channel do my buyers need?” We’re arguing here that your channel partner strategy plan needs to be based on what […]