How to build a strategy to defeat your competition

  Your competitors want to eat your lunch so how do you stop them? Or better yet, how do you eat their lunch? Well let’s start with ‘do you even have any competition?’   In the Chasm from Jeffrey Moore, we learned that in the very early stages of any kind of market, you just […]

SEO for video: the ‘why’ and ‘how’ for B2B marketers – part 2

  By Yulia Edirisinghe A while ago, we blogged about how clever keyword optimisation and hosting on YouTube can help boost your video’s search ranking on Google. However, given the growing importance of video as a B2B marketing tactic, and the ever-changing landscape of search optimisation, it is likely that these methods alone will not […]

How to choose the best sales channel

  So the Head of Sales says that she needs more salespeople and Head of Channels says you need more channels. Who’s right and who’s wrong? What I’m going to show you today is how to choose the absolute best channel for your chosen target market. You remember Geoffery Moore’s Market Maturity Model, in which […]

Do your event invitations convey a Valid Business Reason (VBR) for attending?

  By Yulia Edirisinghe In B2B marketing, events are one of the most frequently leveraged tactics, and whether it is a large event, a trade conference, or a small format event in your boardroom, the success of an event hangs on getting the right people in the room. So your event invitation is key. It […]

How to design a buyer-centric B2B solution

  Can you for once stop talking about a product and how good it is? Businesses use the term solution when what they really mean is a packaging of a product or service and not a solution at all. Today, I’m going to show you how to build solutions that customers can’t resist. Start with […]

3 Hot Tips For Managers To Improve Your Lead Generation Process

The increasingly digital world in which we all live is a giant portal of buying information and data; a tsunami of content at the fingertips of any purchaser with an Internet connection, which lets face it – is everyone, all the time on any device. With market research reporting over 85% of B2B purchasers start […]

Why we’re going to need fewer, smarter B2B sales people

According to projections by Gerhard Gschwandtner (CEO of SellingPower magazine) and others, we’re going to need to employ far fewer sales people by the end of the current decade – and the trend is already kicking in. From the demand side, there are many explanations for this trend – amongst them the modern, digitally-savvy prospect’s […]