Refresh your marketing – Build a lead generation engine using your website

Is your business trying to make sense of all this new fangled {insert your chosen word – inbound/digital/online/website/internet} marketing? Are you unclear exactly how spending your precious time and money on social media, blogging, search engine optimisation, landing pages and so on, is actually going to generate any new leads – let alone new business? Don’t worry you […]

20 Best Practices all B2B Sales & Marketing Organisations Should Adopt

What separates the top-performing B2B sales and marketing organisations from their also-ran competitors? What are the winning behaviours that enable them to create repeatable, scalable and predictable businesses? After observing many of these best-in-class organisations in action, I’d like to suggest 20 best practices that all B2B focused companies ought to think about adopting… These […]

Should B2B marketing be employing more scientists than artists?

Should B2B marketing be employing more scientists than artists? That’s the question implied by one of IDC’s recently published “Top 10 predictions for 2013”. Driven by a number of profound changes in both the business and marketing environments, they project that from 2013 onwards, 50% of new marketing hires will have technical backgrounds. They point out that the fastest growing […]

How to find a needle in the haystack

Mature marketplaces provide clear targets for new growth – the firm demographics have already been mapped. But how can you segment or target for growth in the virgin territories where little is known of who’s buying what and why? In “early adopter” markets, the number of potential buyers is initially small, and finding a business […]