New research shows 80% of Marketers have marketing analytics…and why this sucks!

jjkkAlmostAlmost 80% of Almost 80%Almost 80%Almost 80% of marketers have some form of marketing analytics. In fact, almost 40% claim to have vast or significant quantities of marketing data, according to MarketingSherpa in their publication, The 2013 Marketing Analytics Benchmarking Report. But…and it’s a huge but…only just over a third of marketers are able to […]

How to create unforgettable PowerPoint presentations

  By Inka Wibowo As marketers, we use PowerPoint presentations at multiple points in the buyer’s journey – as digital assets on Slideshare to position with prospective buyers, and in sales meetings with prospects. We also use them internally to train others, and to report on campaign progress. It’s a tool that we use to communicate, and to […]

How measurement can align Marketing and Sales

According to our benchmark study of 1,400 businesses, one in three of them places alignment between the sales department and the marketing department as the No. 1 priority. Measurement makes a surprising contribution. The study, conducted by in co-operation with United States-based online publishing company, showed that those businesses which had achieved marketing-sales […]