7 Prescriptions for Aligning B2B Marketing, Selling and Buying

  While the practice of aligning the B2B marketing, selling and buying processes has seen a lot of development in the recent years, there’s no doubt that there’s still a great deal of room for improvement, as evidenced by 4 disturbing statistics: 80-90% of all the materials generated by marketing for sales consumption remain largely […]

SEO for Video: The ‘why’ and ‘how’ for B2B marketers

  By Yulia Edirisinghe It’s undeniable that video is an essential tactic in any B2B marketer’s arsenal. Why? Have a look at our wiki on video production to learn about the many benefits. Unfortunately though, even the world’s best video is redundant if no one can find it to watch it. And, with sixty hours […]

Connecting the Buyer’s Journey, Your Pipeline and Your Revenue Goals

The changing shape of the buyer’s journey has introduced a raft of new issues for sales leaders who are trying to manage sales pipelines and generate accurate revenue forecasts. Prospects are leveraging the internet and business social media to do their research – and engaging sales people later in the decision making process. In fact, […]

How to build the case for an inbound (digital) marketing budget

Even though inbound marketing is now an essential part of most company’s marketing strategy, one question still persists in the minds of many business owners and executives: How much does it cost? It’s a valid question because inbound marketing is as much a change in process as it is an investment in digital marketing. What’s […]

Using PURLs in Direct Mail

What is a PURL and why would I use one? By Charlotte Mackenzie Well, the answer is pretty simple. PURL stands for ‘personalised URL’, which is exactly what it is; a fully-trackable online address that is exclusive to the individual buyer. When a person visits their PURL, it redirects to whatever URL you want it […]

How to understand buyers

Nothing is more frustrating for a salesperson than a potential buyer who, after acknowledging they need your product or service, decides not to buy. Why do they do this, and what can you do about it? Remember that businesses buy products and services, in essence, to solve problems. They may have too much of something […]

What have you learned from your top sales performers?

What is it that your top sales performers do better than anyone else? Part of the explanation may, of course, be simply that they are more naturally talented, or have a greater emotional intelligence when it comes to decoding complex sales relationships. But they will also have accumulated a set of winning habits and behaviours […]