How to size your resource load

If a face-to-face sales call is the most effective tactic to progress buyers from one stage in their journey to the next, should you simply load up the top of your funnel to ensure your sales force is fully occupied? It’s not quite that simple. This method is resource-intensive, and you will need to work […]

Protect Your Client Relationships

Increasing Business with Existing Accounts Many companies make the mistake of concentrating too hard on winning new business instead of cultivating additional business with their existing clients. The matrix below explains the notion that selling existing products and services into existing relationships is the easiest sale to make. After all, if your client is familiar and comfortable […]

How to leverage surveys in B2B marketing

By Andrew Swan Your marketing strategy is only as good as the information used to build it, which is why smart marketers use surveys to gather key information about their buyers to help them not only build an effective strategy but also inform how best to execute it. When done right, surveys can help you […]