How to include buyers in your strategy

Some companies defy convention to become great. Stories abound of businesses that excel through innovative solutions that meet needs buyers did not even know existed. Think Microsoft or the Sony Walkman, for example. There are, of course, ways to assess buyers’ needs. Market research and reviews are a formal means of teasing out buyers on […]

How to decide where to play

Strategic decisions involve choice: deciding what to do and, importantly, what not to do. This leaves businesses facing a conundrum. CEOs and managers understand the power and importance of focus, but what should they focus on, and what should they ignore? You may have heard about cash cows. The Boston Consulting Group created a business […]

People Buy from People They Like

On the face of it, the strongest solution should always win the new business, regardless of how much the client likes you. However, it’s commonly accepted that personality factors can influence decisions in awarding new business. So to what degree does this happen – if you have the strongest solution, is that enough to get […]