Is Google+ relevant to B2B marketing?

By Inka Wibowo When it comes to Google+, the B2B marketing community seems to be divided into three distinct camps. There are those who live and breathe it, hailing it as the next big thing in social media. There are those who understand that it may one day be a key part of their marketing […]

22 make-or-break sales and marketing predictions for 2013

What are the key trends that are likely to impact B2B sales and marketing in 2013? OpenView Labs recently published 22 predictions. Funnel Coach, Bob Apollo was among the contributors and here he summarizes their key headlines. I was pleased to be asked to be one of the contributors. You can read all of the opinions in the […]

How to make money from failure

Sales and marketing teams are geared towards success, but it’s how they handle failure that will make them rich. Let’s look at what happens when a salesperson returns from making a sale – or when a colleague from marketing hauls in loads of qualified leads. There are high-fives all around – and even the customer […]

Top 5 locations for “Call To Action” Buttons for lead generation

  Converting site visitors to leads is a fundamental early step in making your site a lead generation machine. Call to action buttons are a key tool. This blog shares some ideas and experiences of what works. You can add your calls to action anywhere you like, however, there are five places that you cannot […]

Should sales people be problem solvers or problem builders?

The conventional view of a successful “solution sales” person is as a problem solver. But that traditional perspective is being questioned in a number of quarters. You see, the fact that you have a solution to your prospect’s “problem” is probably irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, even if what you have to offer […]

How to build a great business (from a good one)

Standing out from the crowd is tough when your competitors are also working towards the same end. Occasionally, though, a business that has been doing ‘fine’ suddenly starts doing better than fine. In fact, it goes from being good to great. For some, this success is temporary and they soon slink back into the pack. […]