How to leak your sales funnel gracefully

Deals can drift, delay or simply disappear. For many buyers, ‘do nothing’ is a legitimate option – and a popular one. Sure, you can also make mistakes, or do well and still lose to a competitor. Whichever the case, how you exit that ‘thanks but no thanks’ conversation is just as important as your opening […] and Marketo revisit global Alignment Research, in collaboration with Marketo, have announced that they will revisit’s Sales and Marketing alignment study in 2013, to research the role that Sales and Marketing alignment is playing in the growth being achieved by B2B businesses worldwide today. and MarketingProfs set the debate about alignment alight when they published the findings of […]

Why top sales people focus on priorities – not needs

When I started my sales career, I was taught that I should focus on identifying my prospect’s needs. Later, when I started to work for companies that were selling into early-stage markets, I was taught that I should invest in creating needs that the prospect had not previously recognised they had. But I’ve learned that […]

How many leads do you need per campaign?

Calculating the number of leads needed for a b2b marketing campaign seems simple. You can do it on the back of an envelope: Firstly, work out the real target: Consider your revenue target, reduce this by any annuity revenue to get your “sales target”. Then reduce this by the weighted probability of opportunities you can […]

How to write web content that gets read: 7 tips for B2B Marketers

  Do you LOL and ROFL; perhaps you often exclaim OMG, or on particularly bad day are you driven to declare…WTF? Well here is a new acronym to add to your dictionary…TLDR. which according to Copyblogger stands for “Too Long Didn’t Read.” Its  excellent post  lays out a prescription for writing content that’s designed for […]

How to build mobile-friendly websites and emails

Your target market is increasingly reading your website on small devices, which means much of your designer’s hard work is wasted. If your pages are not formatted with mobile viewing in mind, chances are your users will click away quickly. Some will argue that this is a consumer phenomenon, but that’s a cop-out. The reality […]

Social Media: A Team Effort Between Marketing and Sales

Surveys of B2B marketing budgets consistently show that a higher percentage of marketing resources are being invested in content development and social media than ever before. But business social media is too important to be left to the marketing department alone—it needs to be a team effort between marketing, sales and other customer-facing employees. In […]