How to dominate a market

Many businesses do their b2b marketing strategy in the rear-vision mirror. That is, they slide into a space by accident, and then seek to justify their position with a retro-fitted “strategy”! Often, opportunities are uncovered in a random way, and the business is so grateful for the business that they stretch their strategy statement to […]

A new look at 5 types of content marketing that generate leads

We have all heard the phrase “content is king”. In fact I would argue it has reached cliche status…and as with all cliches there is usually a kernel of truth in the saying. Content has been used in B2B marketing for decades, its certainly not a new phenomenon, but with the pervasive use of the […]

8 Ways to Make Your B2B Blog a Lead Generation Machine

Many organisations are still dubious about the effectiveness of blogging – mainly because many businesses don’t know how to do it effectively! Without a goal and a clear focus, the majority of your efforts are wasted. B2B marketers have one main goal: to generate leads. Blogging is one of the most powerful marketing tools available […]

How your B2B Marketing Strategy MUST Change for 2013

So the annual marketing offsite has drawn to a close and the newly minted 2013 marketing strategy is being given its final polish before being released to an expectant management team back at HQ. …and yet you have a growing sense of deja vu; you have been here before. You have a nasty feeling that […]