Why B2B marketers should invest in organic traffic for SEO

Announced by Google in August this year, a record hit of 3 billion searches are being made per day – a notable increase since 2011 where figures were just above 1.5 billion. So what’s important about this? Well, other than the growth in traffic equating to an increase in potential leads, more online conversation and […]

Chuck Besondy to present a Funnel-Driven Marketing Plan your CEO will Love at DemandCon Boston

September 17 2012, Melbourne, Australia– President of Besondy Consulting and Interim Management and Funnel Coach, Charles Besondy, will present align.me’s trademark “Funnel Logic” in a training workshop at DemandCon in Boston this October. The workshop will be held on October 3rd 2012, and will help participants bring together all that they learn during the conference into a […]

Four kinds of lead nurturing campaigns for B2B marketers

How do you market to your B2B buyers in a way that won’t scare them off, but instead nudge them down the funnel towards sales? For each campaign we are faced with this question. And each time, coming up with a good strategy takes much brainstorming and forethought. But that’s the nature of this business: […]

If content is king for B2B marketing, then context is God!

I was fortunate enough to attend Inbound 2012 in Boston last week, organised by Hubspot, along with 2800 other delegates. It was an inspiring couple of days. This is a summary of the keynote speech given by hubspot co-founders, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. B2B marketers are coming to understand how to effectively engage with […]

Hugh Macfarlane to present at Sales Performance & Productivity Summit October 2012

September 4th, 2012, Melbourne, Australia – align.me Founder and CEO, Hugh Macfarlane, and Francois Delvaux, Partner at Minds&More, will present the workshop ‘Gaining marketing and sales performance through sales and marketing alignment’ at the Sales Performance & Productivity Summit in Brussels this October. Attending the summit is a must for business leaders wanting to grow […]

How to ask for an appointment in an email cold call

I loved this blog so much I wanted to share it with you. Thanks to Jill Konrath for letting us share her insights.     When I got the message below from Daniel McLellan, I had to share it with you. The way he “closes” his emails is much better than what I recommended in my new […]