Is your CRM System a Sales Prevention System?

Most sales organisations have some sort of CRM system in place. Many have made significant investments in the system. Yet simply implementing CRM – just like just running a sales training course – offers no “magic wand” for improving sales performance. In fact the energies expended on them are often wasted. Time after time, we […]

Blogging: The Swiss Army Knife of B2B Marketing

Don’t be fooled by its unglamorous appearance and unassuming nature. Your blog is your most powerful survival tool in the B2B marketing jungle. Just like a swiss army knife, it can perform a multitude of functions required for survival. These functions include : Traffic Generation It doesn’t matter how amazing your website is if nobody comes […]

How to select tactics that move buyers

We often accuse salespeople of pitching too early: “I’m ready to sell – I hope you’re ready to buy”. But it’s much the same with Marketing. We make offers designed for buyers who are ready to choose between options, but many buyers aren’t there yet. But unless your tactics move buyers through their journey, you […]

The Outsourcing Dilemma: 6 Steps for B2B Marketers

To outsource or not to outsource. It’s one of the great B2B marketing questions. Is it more cost-effective to handle things internally or to outsource?  Sometimes due to capacity constraints and headcount freezes there simply isn’t a choice but to outsource. Here are some practical steps to take to help you decide whether to outsource. […]

How to allocate limited budget

There is never enough money and never enough resources in a business. Whether you work in a multinational corporation with billions of dollars to splash around, or a micro business with only a few staff, budgeting is always tough. How do you allocate this limited budget to greatest effect? It pays to remember the process […]