The Secret to Being a B2B Marketing Rockstar: Maths

In many organisations, it’s an eyebrow-raising moment when the words “marketing” and “maths” are uttered in the same sentence. Many marketers are blissfully ignorant of the harsh realities of business, revenue and profits, making decisions based on instinct whilst the sales team huff and puff about how marketing live in cloud cuckoo land, not the […]

6 Critical Foundations of the new “Solution Selling”

Faced with increasing competition, commoditisation and margin erosion, most B2B vendors have chosen to embrace “solution selling” in one form or another. But, as many have learned to their cost, simply slapping solution lipstick on a product pig tends to be a cost-added, rather than a value-added strategy. Applying solution selling in today’s increasingly well-educated […]

How to really upset your buyers

We live in a world where customer service and satisfaction is everything. Marketers build programs to reward regular customers and to make them feel special, and invest in satisfaction surveys to measure their success. So why are we saying you should upset your customers? We all know that our salespeople are constantly looking for ways […]

Unforgiving funnel

Many contacts have already forwarded Seth Goddin’s recent blog entitled ‘the unforgiving arithmetic of the funnel’. It’s worth a read. Some supported his point, some argued it was simplistic, others were ‘outraged’ Seth is positioning on my turf. Settle down! Seth is a legend, contributes heaps, and is far from muscling in on my turf. […]

Four steps to winning new business

Winning complex new business requires a disciplined strategy. By using a systematic approach, business developers can increase the flow of opportunities and identify which specific actions will close the deal. Long-term high-level performance in business development is not just about posting the easy wins. In complex situations, a disciplined, systematic approach is crucial to winning […]

The Green B2B Marketing Solution: Lead Recycling

What happens to prospects when they leak from your funnel? I’m talking about people who have expressed interest in your products or services, but somewhere along the line they dropped off the radar. The issue of leaked leads is not a pleasant conversation for most organisations, particularly for the sales team. It’s understandable, most people […]