What’s holding your business back? Try this 12-point action framework

What would happen if you were able to double your sales and marketing resources overnight? Assuming that you haven’t already saturated your target market, how confident are you that you could at least double your revenues – and how long would that take? What if you were able to quadruple your resources? This question often […]

Aligning content with the B2B Buyer’s Journey at DemandCon 2012

Great content has become the foundation stone of B2B marketing. But with the customer changing the way they buy, you have to wonder if your content plays an effective role in advancing their decision-making process, or if it misses the mark entirely. Buyers are in control (or like to think they are). They involve vendors […]

How measuring lag can boost sales

Most businesses have an accurate handle on the length of their sales cycle – the time that elapses between a lead being qualified and the closing of the deal. If your total sales cycle is six months, or three months, or twelve months, what does that mean and what can you change to improve results? […]

DemandCon 2012: Understanding demand marketing’s transitions and tensions.

Marketing is on a mission to gain control of the Funnel – to effectively manage and predict demand, yet today’s research tells a different story. The story exposes prevailing tensions in every area amounting to a serious disconnect between the vision of what Marketing should be doing and what it is doing in reality. As […]

DemandCon 2012: Marketing & Sales Alignment – the journey one global organization has taken

Growing bigger requires you to make big decisions about changing the way you operate and the cultural and organizational structure of your company can play an integral part in how to approach these big decisions. But where do you start and which changes should be made first? Joel Puznava, Head of Customer Success Directors at […]