The Changing Role of your Brand in Demand Gen at DemandCon 2012

As Director of Align Marketing, Michelle Martin’s expertise in brand, marketing alignment and impact strategies has never been more important to her clients given the majors shifts we see in marketing today. At DemandCon 2012 her intimate knowledge, recognized by her Chicago Athenaeum ‘2011 Good Design Award’ for the global rebranding of StepStone Solutions, will be on […]

Call your leads quickly, and stop calling after 20 hours

B2B marketers know how important it is to follow up leads quickly. But do we know how quickly? And can call backs actually hurt your chances? A customer sent me this link to Lead Response Management last week, and I’m embarrassed not to have seen it previously. Here’s the essence: Study was across 15,000 web-generated […]

Building Global Lead Scoring and Nurturing Programs at DemandCon 2012

Do you know what your ideal customer looks like and are you doing anything to help them find their way to you when the time comes to buy? A well built lead scoring and nurturing program can help you assess the quality of your prospects and ensureyou automatically stay engaged with them so when they […]

The world’s best B2B marketers all in one place? Must be DemandCon 2012!

B2B marketers worship the Funnel. They spend their waking hours trying to design, control and influence its ability progress buyers but how many of us actually know the best to way manage it? The DemandCon conference in London will see B2B marketers from across the globe converge for two days for a hard-hitting education in […]

Hugh Macfarlane to present Funnel Plan training workshop for b2b marketers at DemandCon in May 2012

April 16, 2012, Melbourne, Australia – Founder and CEO, Hugh Macfarlane, will present his trademark “Funnel Logic” in a training workshop at DemandCon in London this May. The workshop will be held on May 29th 2012, and will help participants bring together all that they learn during the conference into a highly actionable plan for […]

3 Reasons Why Australian B2B Marketers Are Going Inbound

Inbound marketing isn’t a well-known phrase to Australian marketers (yet!), but 2012 sees B2B marketers quickly catching on to the inbound marketing revolution. Inbound marketing refers to the art & increasingly the science of attracting buyers to your site, (getting found) converting them to leads (nurturing) and figuring out what is and isn’t working (analytics). […]