Scandalous Data! 33% Percent of B2B Marketers Don’t Measure ROI

New data reveals that many B2B marketers are committing a major marketing no-no by failing to measure and report return on marketing investments to senior executives. According to a recent B2B marketing survey conducted by Sagefrog Marketing Group: Only 1 in 3 B2B marketers worldwide report financial-contribution metrics to senior management. Though one third track […]

Closing sales opportunities faster

How often have we heard sales managers complain that they are generating lots of selling opportunities, but the Sales team just doesn’t seem to be able to close them fast enough? Certainly not fast enough to achieve sales budgets. Out with the pipeline, in with the funnel One approach to this problem can be to […]

12 Online Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid

The internet is a tough environment to make a sale, or even commence and influence a sale, especially for small to medium businesses. It’s so crowded with competition and flooded with data that when someone does visit your site, it’s a ever increasing challenge for B2B marketers to keep them there. Unfortunately, getting Google searchers […]

Get Your Content Found: A 5 Step Guide for B2B Marketers

A key challenge B2B marketers face when it comes to content marketing is coming up with the content itself – that is, what exactly to talk about. But that’s only one part of the story. Ultimately, content marketing is about generating leads, and the way you distribute your content is actually what makes or breaks […]