How to use five core strengths to win business

In our previous article “Four steps to winning new business”, we discussed the importance of developing a big picture strategy and identifying your key strengths to help you win new business. Today we look more closely at five core strengths and how they can be put to good use in your strategy. Strengths generally fall […]

Think your market is too small? Try recycling

I was speaking with an executive the other day who repeated the concerns of her management team that their existing market was too small to sustain their growth. Expanding into new markets may look enticing, but there are large risks and costs associated with this strategy. As it turned out in this case I was […] appoints Bob Apollo as Funnel Coach

8 February, Melbourne – is pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Apollo of Inflexion-Point, as an accredited Funnel Coach. After successfully completing his sales and delivery accreditation in Manchester, England on the 27th of January Bob Apollo will now sell and deliver Funnel Academy and Funnel Camp across The United Kingdom. Bob Apollo […]

How B2B Marketers Must Adjust to Shrinking Deal Sizes

According to Marketing Sherpa data just released, average B2B deal sizes are shrinking. What does this mean for the B2B Marketer? Its implications are highly significant. So if the average deal size changes, so does your marketing maths; your funnel velocity will now have to be higher to make the same revenue. Revenue Goal = […]