The Best Time to Align Marketing and Sales

If you sense that your revenue engine is under-performing and believe that aligning Marketing and Sales will lead to the necessary transformation you might next ask when is the best time to launch an alignment initiative. Fair enough question and I’ll provide some ideas beyond the obvious answer of, “right now”! Aligning the Marketing function […]

How to size your funnel – top, bottom and middle

Market sizing is often done with a degree of rigour, but far less rigour is applied to the task of sizing your own sales funnel. The proposition that “there is plenty out there” might be true, but sizing is not just about working out if the market can support you. You need to ask yourself, […]

How saying goodbye to your customers can help you re-engage with them

We’ve spoken about Funnel Logic and the way we manage work-in-progress using a sales funnel. One of the critical things in this process is keeping your funnel clean, as there’s nothing worse than a clogged funnel. A clogged funnel contains expired opportunities. These ‘dead’ opportunities cause problems by giving you a false sales forecast, obscuring […]

10 A/B test Do’s & Don’ts for B2B Marketers

When was the last time you tested some part of your marketing? If it takes a bit of thought, you’re probably not doing it enough. The problem with that is, even just a minor test can go a long way – improving traffic, leads, and even sales if done right. And if you’re not taking […]

Maximising the propose to close ratio

Many selling organisations are submitting an increasing number of proposals, in the hope that this will lead to an increased number of sales. But, proposals don’t always close. So, how can you fix a low propose to close ratio? Don’t rely on the proposal document Relying on the proposal to do the persuading is inherently […]