How to dominate a market

Many businesses do their b2b marketing strategy in the rear-vision mirror. That is, they slide into a space by accident, and then seek to justify their position with a retro-fitted "strategy"! Often, opportunities are uncovered in a random way, and the business is so grateful for the business that they stretch their strategy statement to accommodate this diversion, arguing that a larger market gives greater coverage. But is "coverage" necessarily good? Just how big is your ideal target market? The common fallacy is that "you can't say no to business". Any expanding business cannot afford to leave READ MORE

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A new look at 5 types of content marketing that generate leads

We have all heard the phrase "content is king". In fact I would argue it has reached cliche status...and as with all cliches there is usually a kernel of truth in the saying. Content has been used in B2B marketing for decades, its certainly not a new phenomenon, but with the pervasive use of the internet to research buying options and the rise of social media to connect with peers, the focus on content to educate buyers through the stages of their buying journey is seeing a strong resurgence. It can sometimes be difficult for business owners READ MORE

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8 Ways to Make Your B2B Blog a Lead Generation Machine

Many organisations are still dubious about the effectiveness of blogging - mainly because many businesses don’t know how to do it effectively! Without a goal and a clear focus, the majority of your efforts are wasted. B2B marketers have one main goal: to generate leads. Blogging is one of the most powerful marketing tools available and can be used to fill the top of your sales funnel as well as to convert leads. Here are 8 top tips to help you achieve this: Filling Your Sales Funnel One of the primary goals of your blog should be READ MORE

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How your B2B Marketing Strategy MUST Change for 2013

So the annual marketing offsite has drawn to a close and the newly minted 2013 marketing strategy is being given its final polish before being released to an expectant management team back at HQ. ...and yet you have a growing sense of deja vu; you have been here before. You have a nasty feeling that when the team get back to the office after the holidays to the tsunami of emails, meetings and deadlines, that despite your best intentions, the alignment of your tactics to your strategy seems sadly absent. It's just more of the same tactics READ MORE

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How to make your strategy more buyer-centric

All businesses strive to recognise the needs of buyers when developing strategies for sales success. Well, at least you should. You research met and unmet needs, teach your salespeople to understand business requirements and take pride in meeting those customer demands. How, though, can you more fully acknowledge buyers when shaping your strategy? Remember that businesses buy products and services, in essence, to solve problems. They may have too much of something that is undesirable, or too little of something that is good. The problem is the gap between where they are now and where they want READ MORE

Unleashing the true potential of Google AdWords in B2B marketing

By Inka Wibowo. Although it’s easy to understand the advantages of using Google AdWords in B2C marketing, the benefits for B2B marketing are less clear. While campaign success can be easily quantified in B2C, effectiveness is much harder to measure in B2B. This is because the journey for consumer buyers is very different to that of business buyers. In B2C, a typical journey will see a B2C buyer recognise a need for a product (informed by their awareness of the solutions that are available), then go on Google to search for it. They see a compelling READ MORE

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22 November, Melbourne – is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Furness of Manufacturship, as an accredited Funnel Coach. After successfully completing his accreditation in Melbourne on the 9th of November, Jason will now sell and deliver Funnel Academy and Funnel Camp across Australia. Jason’s career spans over 20 years in manufacturing enterprises where he has overseen the turnaround, transition, or transformation of many projects from single production lines through to entire business units of over 600 people as a General Manager. He has particular expertise in and passion for businesses located in regional Australia. READ MORE

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22 November, Melbourne – is pleased to announce the appointment of Nathanael Small of Manufacturship, as an accredited Funnel Coach. After successfully completing his accreditation in Melbourne on the 9th of November, Nathanael will now sell and deliver Funnel Academy and Funnel Camp across Australia. Nathanael is a market development architect – a thought leader in the art of and science of integrating marketing communications and business development for individuals and organisations. He has over 20 years’ sales & marketing experience. In sales, he has worked at all levels from telesales through to target-driven BDM roles through READ MORE

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Is marketing automation an effective tool in the B2B arena?

The Pedowitz Group and The Lenskold Group recently set out to test how much marketing automation contributes to the effectiveness of marketing operations in the B2B arena. After surveying nearly 350 B2B marketing organizations, the study found that marketing automation, combined with ROI metrics such as lead acceptance rate and revenue per sale, made top-performing organizations more efficient and effective. According to the survey, the top segment of companies – 11% of all marketers surveyed – demonstrated distinct advantages in outgrowing competitors by adopting integrated marketing automation and using ROI metrics. Beyond that, the report found that, after deploying a marketing automation READ MORE

How to define a B2B marketing strategy the team understands

In business, there is endless debate about 'strategy'. Yet the term is often confusing or misunderstood. In many businesses, strategy refers to anything ranging from business goals and target markets to specifics such as website management. A scattergun approach often ensues. There are broad business strategy considerations for any business before it develops a go-to-market strategy. Will you be a cost leader, will you gain an edge through differentiating yourself from rivals, or will you take a highly targeted line? Whatever you do, don't try to have a bet each way. Bring into play a consistent strategy READ MORE