What happened to the real CMO?

Once upon a time not so long ago in a kingdom not so far away, Marketing asked for a seat at the big boy’s table. Determined to lose the tag of being purely a communications role, CMO’s insisted that it was marketing that held the key to improving the bottom line – and therefore, must […]

Striking the right balance of sales and service

A good sales professional not only finds new win-win opportunities to sell additional products or services to meet the customer’s evolving needs, but also takes personal accountability as the “go to” point of reference for all issues  relating to ordering and delivery of the customer’s requirements. The balance depends on the nature of your product or service, […]

B2B marketers should be sadists

Are you a sadist B2B marketer? You should be…and here’s why! You should want your targeted buyer to be in pain, real pain. Pain, in business terms, is the impact of severe problems that are without a solution. Your buyers should be in so much pain that they are desperate to stop the agony. If […]

Selling skills for a changing market

With greater demands now being placed on salespeople, the need for improved selling skills has never been higher. Typically, as organisations look for ways to remain commercially competitive, many try to strip costs out of their business. Overheads are usually the first place they start, and unfortunately, the inclusion of selling costs within this category […]

Looking for SEO keyword researcher / analytics guru

We are a highly developed user of SEO, but the CEO is the main creator / resident geek re key word research, page optimisation, and analytics, and that is poor leverage of his skills. We’re looking for an SEO analyst who is very efficient in researching key phrases (quantitative and qualitative assessment of competition for […]

Looking for Office template guru

We are a highly developed user of Office templates, but the CEO is the main creator/resident geek re templates, and that is poor leverage of his skills. We’re looking for an Office template guru who is very efficient in building / evolving templates for Word, Excel and PPT, including styles, headers, page inserts, tables, graphs, […]