Maximising CRM investment to drive productivity and return

(Too) Many sales organisations undertake a CRM strategy and associated hefty investment, and then when the software vendors come on site to undertake their (too) often “generic customisation”, the purchasing sales organisation is jolted into a process that forces them to retro-think about the functionality and the process support that can be derived from their […]

Is VC Funding the Best Strategy? A Look at Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is still considered a relative newcomer in the enterprise software space. However, there are new entrants popping up regularly, leading to a lot of activity and buzz in the market. With the growth in this space, the topic of venture capital comes up fairly often. Some vendors are taking on new rounds […]

Why lead generation is a waste of time for B2B Marketers

Those of us who provide marketing services and solutions for B2B Marketers get to speak with many, many marketers and organisations during the course of a year. Its one of the best parts of my job. I have had four prospect meetings this week. It was a week of extremes. On one end of the […]

Equipping your sales team for success

Eddie Smith, Founder of Sales Schematics Australia, writes… We’re often asked by clients: “How can we replicate the results that are being achieved by our top sales performers?” In other words, they want to know what they have to do to get their whole team performing at the same level… This question almost always comes from […]

2011 Miller Heiman Sales Summit

The annual Miller Heiman Sales Performance Summit will be held on the 23rd of June, in Walsh Bay, Sydney. The annual Miller Heiman Sales Performance Summit is for sales leaders who are committed to improving their organisation’s ability to consistently find, win, and keep profitable business. The event is an opportunity to hear best practices, […]