Account Ownership as an Alignment Indicator

Charles Besondy, President of Besondy Consulting & Interim Management, writes… The attitude your company has and the processes your company employs for its strategic accounts can be an indicator of the degree of alignment between Sales and the rest of the organization… This thought struck me last night while enjoying drinks with a former client. […] and MarketOne join forces to present Funnel Forum’s latest Funnel Forum webinar ‘Give Marketing a Sales Quota’ is now available for download. May 20, 2011, Melbourne, VIC, AU – Two of the most innovative minds on marketing productivity, Hugh Macfarlane of and Enrico Brosio of MarketOne, have teamed together to present the latest Funnel Forum webinar, titled ‘Give Marketing a Sales […]

B2B marketing that reaches executives

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes… Is there a failsafe way to engage executives as prospects in B2B marketing strategies? We talked about selling to crazy-busy people when we reviewed Jill Konrath’s presentation titled to that effect, but it’s definitely a topic that B2B marketing professionals are drawn too. This is why I’m […]

Nurturing you and your leads will love: segmenting and automation to give B2B marketing leads a personalised experience

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes… Surely this is a goal for most B2B marketing teams. But of course personalisation often reads as almost synonymous with difficult, so it sets the alarm bells start ring for many of us. The trouble is you will get better results with personalised B2B marketing tactics. At […]

B2B Marketing Nirvana – targeting emails

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes… We’ve had a social media Mecca and now we’ve got a B2B marketing nirvana. defines nirvana as, “a place or state characterised by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry, and the external world”. So if there is a B2B marketing ‘nirvana’, in what sense can you […]

Marketing Operations of the Future

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes… Marketing Automation doesn’t happen overnight. There is a transition process involved. B2B marketing organisations will need to work through this process and respond to new ways of doing things as they go. B2B marketing delivery, user tracking, scoring and strategy all come into play. So what does […]