B2B marketing levers: Using revenue performance management to grow your business

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of align.me, writes… If it’s the customers who are in control in B2B marketing, who’s watching them? With all the free information available, and all the savvy buyers sorting through it, B2B marketers need the right business processes to create behaviour (and track it) if they want to drive revenue. […]

Making loyalty pay in B2B marketing

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of align.me, writes… In B2B marketing we know the importance of serving our best customer first, right? Maybe! Demand generation and B2B marketing in general is often about acquisition, not retention. Sound familiar? Steve Bernstein, Principal of Waypoint Group, and fellow speaker at DemandCon, puts it this way: “Wouldn’t it […]

B2B marketing professionals beware: your PowerPoint sucks (and how to fix it)

Most B2B marketing professionals learn PowerPoint in about 30 minutes, then jump straight into building lots of presentations. To be sure, B2B marketing professionals have more time to get PPT right than their sales counterparts, but they still suck. “You have had little formal training in presentation best practices, your slides are walking disasters, and […]