B2B marketing levers: Using revenue performance management to grow your business

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of align.me, writes… If it’s the customers who are in control in B2B marketing, who’s watching them? With all the free information available, and all the savvy buyers sorting through it, B2B marketers need the right business processes to create behaviour (and track it) if they want to drive revenue. […]

Will B2B Marketing ever align with Sales? Quelling the Clash of the Titans

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of align.me, writes… In B2B marketing, goal-setting is used to incite progressive behaviour. B2B Marketing 101 teaches us to: Know what’s happening in the market; and Set the right goals to keep on top of (or lead) market trends. Piece of cake, right? Well, actually, it’s only one piece in […]

B2B marketing keynote – See Far, Go Fast!

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of align.me, writes… B2B marketing is my passion, and one of the biggest challenges for B2B marketers is alignment. While we’re all busy trying to get Sales and Marketing on the same page, the goals often go and shift on us. And this can be even before most of us have […]

Creating Convergence between sales and B2B marketing using Social Media

B2B marketing can be a thankless task. There is a moment in every business where marketing hands off to sales. Planned or not, B2B marketing has created an opportunity, and sales is getting its chance to create a customer. At least, that’s what’s supposed to happen. Did marketing create enough interest? Can sales create enough […]

How to avoid a B2B marketing-automation train-wreck

David M Raab believes that marketers everywhere will agree that they need automation systems for their B2B marketing – even if they’re not exactly sure why.  But even the best technology won’t guarantee success. Automating a bad B2B marketing process will only bring the failure on faster. So what marketing automation works? David M. Raab […]

How do you automate the buyers journey in B2B marketing using social media?

In B2B marketing we can learn a lot from our consumer cousins. But there are some tactics that while working well for B2C, just don’t work in the complex sales environment of B2B. One such tactic is still being hotly debated; and that’s social media. what is its role for B2B marketing and what is […]

Making loyalty pay in B2B marketing

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of align.me, writes… In B2B marketing we know the importance of serving our best customer first, right? Maybe! Demand generation and B2B marketing in general is often about acquisition, not retention. Sound familiar? Steve Bernstein, Principal of Waypoint Group, and fellow speaker at DemandCon, puts it this way: “Wouldn’t it […]

B2B marketing professionals beware: your PowerPoint sucks (and how to fix it)

Most B2B marketing professionals learn PowerPoint in about 30 minutes, then jump straight into building lots of presentations. To be sure, B2B marketing professionals have more time to get PPT right than their sales counterparts, but they still suck. “You have had little formal training in presentation best practices, your slides are walking disasters, and […]

Using video in your B2B marketing demand generation

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of align.me, writes… Consumer marketers have always worked hard to create high levels of engagement for their audiences. But in B2B marketing we often struggle, and end up with drab results. Video is an immediately engaging media, and so it should play a big role in our B2B marketing, but […]