Why are sales and marketing not aligned?

Charles Besondy, President of Besondy Consulting & Interim Management, writes… At two different speaking engagements this month I asked the audiences of marketers if they thought the lack of sales and marketing alignment was the biggest obstacle in their company to achieving significant revenue growth.  At both events (one a marketing conference, the other a […]

Measure marketing on total cost per deal closed

New Belgian Funnel Coach Benny van Calster from Minds&More sent me a link to a Marketing Profs article today. In Sales and Marketing Best-Practices: Seven Heavenly Virtues Dan McDade paints a bleak picture of how poorly Marketing and Sales handle leads, and recommends 7 actionable steps to get on the same page. His final recommendation […]

Master your order – to – delivery & sales processes

Glenn Guilfoyle, Founder & Principal of The Next Level, writes… In the B2B environment where core products and services are becoming more and more commoditised, more often than not, customers make their supplier choices on the process outputs that are most tangible and visible to them. Therefore, as suppliers, we live and die daily by […]

align.me Director, Brett Bonser, participates in ‘Ask the Experts’ webinar

December 20th, 2010, Melbourne, VIC, AU – align.me is pleased to announce Brett Bonser’s participation in the webinar, ‘Ask the Experts: Webinar Production, Promotion and Presentation’. A growing number of organisations around the world are embracing new and innovative web-based marketing tactics. Increasingly, one of the most popular and effective online tools is the webinar. […]

Nurture potential buyers before you engage

Steve Crepeau sent me a couple of funnel management articles this week. One simply posed a question (Do you know where your sales pipeline is?); but it’s the other that I want to comment about In asking “Who changed the sales funnel“, he suggests that the market has changed, and I agree. Customers do much […]

Why Hold a Sales Kick-off Meeting?

Boston-based Funnel Coach, Daniel Holland, writes… These traditional boondoggles cost valuable time and money, and are usually not effectively organized or measured for impact. Historically, companies have gathered their sales forces and distributors in a resort-type atmosphere to feed them motivational speakers, washed down by ample food, drink, and recreation, all with the objective to motivate […]