Six Strategies for Sales and Marketing in 2012

The liquidity risks of 2008/9, public bailout, market nervousness and contraction, financial market uncertainty, high unemployment and subsequently sluggish US economy have all commanded world attention for the last two or three years. None of this though prepared most of us for the genuine risk of sovereign debt default for a growing group of member states, and the potential collapse of the European Union, or at least that of the Euro Zone. 2012 is, at best, a period of further uncertainty. How should sales and marketing leaders prepare? In a paper entitled. “Collateral Damage. What next? Where READ MORE

Competitively superior in-field targeting

Fish where the big fish are! Go for the 80/20! Don’t mess around with the small end of town – spend your time at the big end of town. All laudable exhortations. As a fledgling Sales Exec decades ago, I heard them all. You probably did too, huh? Calls to arms like this aren’t good enough for sustained competitive advantage in field targeting of the customer base and prospect pool. Calculate the cost of a visit in your sales organisation. Do it properly. Load up the full cost of the Sales Team with direct Sales Management PLUS READ MORE

How long is your revenue runway?

[av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] Many business managers I speak with don’t have an accurate view of how long their revenue runway is; or to put the metaphor aside for a moment, they are unclear about how much time is required for the marketing and sales team to create enough customers to achieve a revenue target. Almost without exception the estimated time to revenue is perceived as being much shorter than it is in reality. The misperception is dangerous. It leads to wildly inaccurate forecasts, wasted budgets, and unnecessary management turnover. Ask any pilot and they’ll tell you READ MORE

Social media: from B2C to B2B

Although B2C companies were first to jump on the social media bandwagon, B2B companies are starting to recognise that social media can also work in a B2B context. But, as a B2B marketer, where do you start? We hosted a Funnel Masters dinner (alumni of Funnel Academy and other funnel zealots) recently, and this is what they concluded: 1. Start with the basics, and decide where social media can add value (if at all). The first rule of thumb is – don’t do it just because it feels like everyone else is. Social media may make no READ MORE

Regular healthchecks….on the key customer interfaces with Sales and Service

The medicos tell us that it is good fundamental health and wellbeing practice to undertake a regular health assessment. You know the stuff………blood pressure, cholesterol, weight: height ratios, lifestyle questionnaires etc -  a simple and quick way to ensure our all-important health and wellbeing is on track. The same principles apply to B2B sales organisations. The sales process is mostly conducted out in the market and not within the walls of your office, so the process is often not visible, and you may not be able to readily see whether it is working effectively or being implemented READ MORE

Top 3 priorities for B2B marketers: Marketing Sherpa

According to new research from MarketingSherpa, published recently by, marketers are concerned primarily with 3 stages of the marketing funnel. While 60% of B2B marketers revealed that lead generation is their top priority, converting leads into customers trailed closely behind with 57%. This is good and bad news. What this tells us is that increasingly marketers understand that their primary role is to contribute directly to the business in the form of one key metric: revenue. Its really, really good news because it shows that marketers are increasingly acknowledging that they form a key part of READ MORE

Equipping your sales team for success

We’re often asked by clients: “How can we replicate the results that are being achieved by our top sales performers?” In other words, they want to know what they have to do to get their whole team performing at the same level. This question almost always comes from sales managers, and whilst it’s a valid question, it also fails to recognise an important truth – most salespeople fail in their roles because of poor sales management. Whilst most sales managers ask what his or her top performers are doing that the poor performers aren’t, a better question READ MORE

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Are your Salespeople asking the right questions…….

to add value to the conversation with an informed, self-driven prospect? Reading Paul McCord’s contribution to an interesting discussion on sales force ineffectiveness, initially started by Dave Brock over at The Customer Collective, led me to this question. I think this is a real challenge we have to become aware of and need to have answers to if we want salespeople to continue to bring value to their interactions with such prospects. Bringing this value is key for the salesperson to build credibility and establish a relationship that generates sustainable revenue streams. Most buying processes today start READ MORE

Tailoring your sales pipeline for superior prospecting (hunting)

[av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] It costs seven times the blood, sweat, tears and dollars to win a brand new client than it does to maintain an existing client. Heard that one before? A million times, I bet. This old adage has become so oft trotted out that most of us no longer even know where or who started it. Or if there is any empirical supporting evidence. And even if there was, so what? We all also know that sales effort is all about RoI and so the relevant ratio is revenue (or profit) for cost invested READ MORE

How B2B firms can use LinkedIn for effective lead generation

When I ask Australian B2B firms if social media and LinkedIn in particular has a place in their communications and marketing strategy I generally get a look that could best be described as worried or hesitant and occasionally dismissive. If I go on to ask them if they think LinkedIn can generate real leads for their business, that worried look disappears and is replaced with looks of disbelief and guffaws of (usually) well meaning laugher. Many B2B firms are struggling with what to do with social media. They know they need to do something, that they should READ MORE

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