Don’t ask sales people to record Salesforce history

We all know of the power of a good CRM, chock-full of history about every interaction your business has had with any contact, account or opportunity. Your marketing automation system probably plugs in beautifully to your CRM so that the buyer actions and your automated responses are all recorded. Marketing nirvana? Maybe not. Half of […]

Understand your buyer’s concept

Brett Bonser, Director of, writes… Understanding your buyer’s concept starts with three magic words: what is your buyer trying to fix, accomplish, or avoid? How often are you working on projects where the buying influence (Economic, Technical or User – all terms coined by global sales performance leader, Miller Heiman) lacks a concept altogether, […]

ADMA to partner with to deliver new B2B marketing training

15 September, 2010, Melbourne, VIC, AU – ADMA, Australia’s leading marketing association, has announced its plans to deliver a brand-new B2B marketing course, B2B Marketing Strategy. The course, which is based on B2B specialist’s globally-renowned Funnel Academy program, is set to launch in October, and will be delivered in Sydney and Melbourne. Recognising that […]

Keep a regular call cycle with key prospects

By Inka Wibowo You have a prospect that you’ve been trying to progress for months. Every time you’ve called them, you’ve gotten nowhere; and lately, you’ve been running out of reasons to keep in touch. Suddenly, fate intervenes – Marketing wants to write an article, and they need your prospect’s expert opinion. You can hardly […]

Beware the trap of the new rules of Marketing and PR

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes… I’m only early in to reading David Meerman Scott’s book The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Great so far. Well-written and compelling. I hope to have more to write about this book as I get further in. In it, he tells the story of two companies […]