Six steps to build your credibility

Chris Fell, Managing Director of g2m Solutions, writes... A recent blog article from Hubspot focused on how small and medium businesses should take the time to build credibility for their companies. They made the point that with emerging new media technologies and online tools, building reputation as a small business and communicating with customers has never been easier. Let's look at a few ways small business owners can build credibility on their own. 6 steps to building small business credibility 1. Start a blog - Starting a blog for your small business is a way to not only improve READ MORE appoints Minds&More as distributor for Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg)

December 13th 2010, Belgium – has expanded its global network of accredited consultants to 39 with the appointment of Belgian partner Minds&More, and subsequent accreditation of five of their consultants. Hugh Macfarlane – Founder & CEO of – effused: “Skills-enablement is key to making B2B marketing a respected management profession around the world, and is delighted to team up with the most exciting growth story to come out of Europe for a long time. Since forming in March 2010, Minds&More has grown rapidly to a team of 20 seasoned marketing professionals helping clients improve READ MORE

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Choose the right sales training for your business

Glenn Guilfoyle, Founder & Principal of The Next Level, writes... Spin Selling. Solution Selling. Conceptual Selling. New Conceptual Selling. Professional Selling Skills. The list goes on and on. The Sales sections of bookstores are loaded with them. Since the mid 1980s, professional selling started to garner enough respect to be studied and written about. The Huthwaite group were possibly the early pioneers, and they studied and captured data to analyse a large number of sales interactions across a wide range of industries and sectors. Their work spawned “Spin Selling”, authored by Neil Rackham. At a similar time, READ MORE

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What’s the role of social media in B2B selling?

Christian Maurer, a Paris-based Consultant, Trainer and Coach, writes... From my own experience, I know that using social media can eat up considerable time, especially in the discovery phase. It is thus legitimate for a sales leader to be concerned about whether the time salespeople spend with social media is time well spent to interact with prospects and customers in a way that generates the revenue streams expected from them. Leaving sales people to their own devices in terms of how to integrate social media into their work practice is the least effective approach and will negatively READ MORE

Understand your value chain

Glenn Guilfoyle, Founder & Principal of The Next Level, writes... I stopped counting and running ratios a few years back now, but at last count around 80% of the B2B sales organisations I asked failed the value chain question. I find myself in workshops with heads of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance,  and Operations seeking clarity from the group in terms of identification of their customers by value chain segment with justification as to their nominations. Around 80% of the time the group response falls somewhere between succinct nuances on identities and / or parameters, through to READ MORE

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Use marketing content to get your business found

Chris Fell, Managing Director of g2m Solutions, writes... Modern marketing is all about engaging with your target audience and creating some interesting content that they would find enjoyable or interesting to consume. Use your creative juices to develop interesting content and then leverage that content in as many ways as possible to engage with your audience. You will develop leads, convert prospects, increase website traffic, get found in searches and develop a reputation as a thought leader. Here are some top tips for getting found: Write a white paper about a new trend in your industry or READ MORE

Do you really need sales training?

Charles Besondy, President of Besondy Consulting & Interim Management, writes... Is revenue flat or heading south? Time to invigorate the sales force with the latest sales techniques, right? New head of sales takes the reins with the job of transforming the revenue engine. Time to bring in the sales trainers, right? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Upon closer examination, your revenue problem may not be due to a lack of sales skills. The pros at (for whom I am a certified Funnel Coach in North America) can point to case study after case study of clients who READ MORE

Don’t ask your Sales Execs to cover too much

Glenn Guilfoyle, Founder & Principal of The Next Level, writes... Many B2B sales organisations unwittingly set up their Sales Execs for mediocre performance by expecting them, via their charter of role breadth, to cover too much.  So how does the organisation set the right breadth of accountabilities for the Sales and Service roles? Well, like many such considerations - it depends.  There is no one universal answer; not even an industry, sector or channel-specific solution.  An unclear set of accountabilities manifests in many organisations as poor customer service, lost sales opportunities and from a customer perspective, a READ MORE

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Great planning will suffer in the era of speed dating

Great plans don't come from inspired enlightenment, but from following a great process. Whilst we believe we have built such a process for integrated sales and marketing planning, in a time-poor world the processes need to change. But to what? I've just completed a Funnel Camp for one client, and am mid-flight in building a plan for another online, and the differences are stark. Quick background: Funnel Camp is our 3-day lock-down where Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations build their go-to-market plan together. Lots of work before and after, but the centre-piece is this 3-day series of READ MORE releases new B2B marketing whitepaper on ‘The Strategy to Action Gap’

October 26th 2010, Melbourne, VIC, AU - today announced the release of its latest B2B marketing white paper, The Strategy to Action Gap: How to Turn Good Ideas into Hard Sales Results, now available to download for free. In their many years of work with leading B2B companies worldwide, the team at have witnessed first-hand the difficulties of translating marketing strategy into action. They have found that formulating a killer strategy is useless if it is executed poorly, or worse – not executed at all. Yet so many businesses still have difficulty translating their ideas READ MORE

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