Boost your sales & marketing results with MarTech and CRM Outsourcing

Marketing and sales activities are key to finding, earning, serving and growing customers. Using technology for these key marketing and sales activities helps you to drive efficiency, enforce rules, and build valuable data.

Marketing Technology helps connect Sales and Marketing teams to their customers through data. With full vision of how buyers behave (thanks to detailed data), your teams make the buyer’s journey more cohesive and improve how they interact with potential customers.

Customer relationship management (or CRM) is one such tool that is vital for customer relationships and your entire sales pipeline. CRM outsourcing services create a properly implemented and customised CRM which is key to improving your overall sales results.

What does MarTech make possible?

  • CRM

  • Email marketing

  • Online surveys

  • SMS campaigns

  • Webinars

  • Automated LinkedIn messaging

  • Custom tools like cost calculators, self help, and DIY configuration

  • Scheduled (and distributed) social posting

  • Connecting these discrete tools

Use CRM to enable your business

Manage your Sales Process

Map, streamline, and maintain your sales process from leads to deals done by setting rules to ensure sales teams follow steps, automating workflows and monitoring KPI’s.

Manage your Database

Having all your contacts managed and stored one place allows you to keep track of everyone that has engaged with your business, when and how, and help you recognise when it’s the right time to re-engage old contacts.

Data Analytics and

Forecast and understand your pipeline, with full view of those at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Better understand the probability of closing, expected revenue and the reasons buyers leaked. Receiving insights into highest-performing tactics to help you continue to target the most profitable channels.

Integration with Marketing

CRM should integrate with more than your website – it should be integrated with all digital campaigns where possible to automate data capture processes, store data properly, and track leads directly from their source. It should serve as a direct link between marketing and sales.

Our outsourced MarTech and CRM services

Set Up & Customisation

Our marketers are at the forefront of new trends and tools and can help you choose, implement and customise the right CRM and sales and marketing tools to fit your needs and budget. We’ll also ensure all your systems are integrated for easy everyday use.

Training & Support

We’ll train you and your team in how to use the tools comfortably and effectively. Once we’ve done initial training, we’ll be on call to answer questions, provide ongoing support and help out with further customisation if required.

Upgrading Tools

If and when you outgrow a tool, we’ll help you find a new one that will better suit your needs. Our knowledge of emerging and high-performing technology can help you find the tools that will empower your business.

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