More than just a social network

LinkedIn is often thought of as Facebook for the corporate world. But it’s so much more than that. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows (and encourages) you to go beyond your immediate social network and build meaningful connections and leads for you and your business.

People are more comfortable connecting with those they don’t know on LinkedIn than on other platforms. This connection is a foot in the door for social selling, and LinkedIn has developed features to help you at each step.

From powerful lead identification functionality to message automation and asset sharing, LinkedIn allows you to be very specific and targeted with your advertising, message, and social selling.

Getting your message heard isn’t always easy


Getting in the ear of the exact person you want to talk to isn’t always easy. To get to an executive, you usually have to fight through multiple assistants and dozens of unanswered calls and emails.

Non-Targeted Advertising

A great ad campaign won’t do anything if it’s not being seen by the right people. Many social media ad campaigns end up being ‘spray and pray’ – send it out to the many and hope you reach the few.

Poor Lead Visibility

Traditionally, if someone clicks on an ad, they’ll be sent to a page and asked to submit a form fill to collect their details. Only a fraction of visitors will comply –  leaving a lot of leads anonymous and unable to be followed up.

Cut through and connect with specialist B2B LinkedIn marketing

At, we have a deep understanding (and loads of experience) using LinkedIn as a marketing tool. We specialise in LinkedIn outbound campaigns, and believe it is one of the best tactics for B2B businesses.

We’ll help you build entire campaigns within LinkedIn. They’ll be super targeted, and get you seen by who you want, when you want. Whether your goal is brand positioning or selling, utilising’s LinkedIn marketing services, lets you connect and engage.

How our LinkedIn marketing services help you
achieve results

Set Objectives

We’ll help you determine and set your goals, and then build a campaign that will help you reach them – whether that’s through ads, outbound messaging, Smart Links, or a mixture of all three.

Identify Key Assets

We’ll identify assets that will provide the most value to your target audience. This will allow us to provide genuine value to prospects, resulting in
higher-quality engagement. Don’t have the right assets? We’ll build them for you.

Craft Message

We’ll craft a message that’s customised for every aspect of the campaign. It will be highly personalised depending to your target audience, the problems they’re experiencing, and the solution you can offer.

Monitor & Optimise

We’ll use LinkedIn analytics to determine which ads or messages are performing well, and which aren’t. We can also measure engagement statistics such as likes, shares, comments, and conversions.

We can also give you a hand with

Managing your
company page

We’ll keep an eye on your company page and carry out tasks like posting, responding to interactions, and inviting connections, all of which will boost your profile and encourage engagement.

Optimising business
and personal profiles

We can optimise profile content to ensure those visiting your personal or business page are finding what they’re looking for, and properly promoting your skills and services.

Training for LinkedIn Sales & Marketing

Put your teams in the best position to capitalise on your LinkedIn campaigns with sales & marketing training that will prepare them for social selling, LinkedIn outbounding and converting in-platform leads.

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