Email marketing for B2B lead generation

Ask some, and they’ll tell you email marketing is dead. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Email marketing is constantly evolving and is incredibly relevant to the B2B market – continuing to deliver an average return of $38 on every dollar spent according to Salesforce.

Email marketing can be used in multiple ways to achieve lead generation – from distributing content to position your business as a thought leader, to engaging buyers into your funnel, and even re-engaging and recycling contacts who have leaked (an incredibly important tactic we take pretty seriously at

Email marketing also has the benefit of being organic and fee free – making it more cost effective than its paid alternatives, and giving you the ability to use it over and over again across multiple campaigns.

B2B email marketing that changes with your
buyer’s mood


Nurture emails provide a regular touchpoint with your audience, and position you as a thought leader known for solving the problem/s that your buyer experiences. It’s a valuable way to remain positioned with buyers who aren’t ready to engage right now.

Cold Outbound

Not your typical mass cold emails, outbound emails are an automated series of emails, strategically targeted to your chosen prospects. They are handcrafted with conversational content with the goals of securing a meeting or conversation.


Trigger campaigns are a way of sending emails to prospects based on interactions they have with your business. Triggered by the action of a prospect (e.g. visit a web page, download an asset, engage on social, or increase their account spend), they can be sent with pinpoint timing and accuracy to reach the prospect at the right time, with the right message.

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Other services for B2B outsourced marketing

Google ads

Reach the people who are looking for your solution on the platform that handles 7 billion searches a day

SEO services

The most cost-effective way to build brand credibility and improve the leads you receive


Communicate and build relationships with new and existing customers by creating and distributing valuable and relevant content

Social media

Build brand awareness and increase customer engagement using LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

Website design
& development

Make it easier for your customers to find you with a website that matches your brand and your business


Run highly targeted campaigns to your ideal audience, and build real business connections


Build consistent, attractive brand identity with professional and personalised design and branding

CRM & marketing

Ensure you have the right tools set up and configured to manage and track leads and support your sales and marketing engine

List building

Identify your targets and ensure your marketing is making it to the right people

Analytics &

Know what’s working, when, why and for whom with insights on marketing performance and customer behaviour

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