Why is B2B Content Marketing
so important?

A picture speaks a thousand words, but the right words are priceless. Content is the cherry on top of your marketing, and getting content right is vital – but not always easy. That’s where a specialist B2B content marketing agency such as align.me comes in.

Your content needs to do a lot in a small amount of space. On the one hand, content should reflect your business and brand identity and the solution you offer. But on the other, it also needs to recognise your audience’s need and problem, connect with them, and convince them to keep reading. (And that’s all before you even get into character count and keywords).

Marketing tactics won’t get you far unless your content is up to scratch. Something as simple as the words you use can be the difference between creating a customer for life and losing them on the first sentence.

Services provided as a B2B Content Marketing Agency

Organic Social Media

Connecting with your audience, building your credibility, and positioning your brand through social media require regular posting and community interactions. Content and comments have to work in the context of each social media platform.

Blog Writing

A regular blog is a great way to position yourself with your buyers, regardless of what stage of the journey they’re at. It allows you to share valuable content, stay front of mind, and regularly interact and engage with your target market.

SEO Content

Whether you need a brand new website or just an update to your existing one, the right SEO content can help drive more traffic to your website, rank you higher on search engines and help your audience find you – rather than you having to chase them.
For SEO, the words really matter.

Paid Advertising Content

When you’re paying for advertising, you want to make sure you’re getting ROI. The right ad copy not only needs to be engaging, but needs to respond to the audience’s need, your solution, and relevant keywords in order to capture attention and stand out from the crowd.

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Other services for B2B outsourced marketing

Google ads

Reach the people who are looking for your solution on the platform that handles 7 billion searches a day

SEO services

The most cost-effective way to build brand credibility and improve the leads you receive

Social media

Build brand awareness and increase customer engagement using LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

Website design
& development

Make it easier for your customers to find you with a website that matches your brand and your business


Run highly targeted campaigns to your ideal audience, and build real business connections

Email nurturing &
lead generation

Position yourself with potential customers, recycle leaked buyers and stay front of mind with your ideal audience


Build consistent, attractive brand identity with professional and personalised design and branding

CRM & marketing

Ensure you have the right tools set up and configured to manage and track leads and support your sales and marketing engine

List building

Identify your targets and ensure your marketing is making it to the right people

Analytics &

Know what’s working, when, why and for whom with insights on marketing performance and customer behaviour

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